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  • CEO | Founder: SKAITAS
  • Email: sagarvkulkarni@skaitas.com
  • Research Papers Published: 3
  • Education: PhD in Computer Application
  • Patent Registered: 4

Life has many angles to it. We should try to explore all the angles of it while we are alive and able to do. So far I’ve discoverer and explored few angles and Still so many more things to learn about me and find more interesting things around me.




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AI R&D 85%
Algorithms 90%
ETL 90%
Teaching 90%
Designing 85%
Photoshop & Illustrator 80%


Artificial Intelligence





Graphic Designing







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Education & Work


Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Oct 2020 - Present

MIT World Peace University, Pune, Maharashtra, India

Master of Science (MS)

Aug 2013 - May 2016

California State University, Fullerton, California, USA


Leveraging Social Networks (2016)

Technologies used: C#, ASP.Net, CSS3, HTML5, SQL Server 2014, Visual Studio 2012

  • Web application developed using C# & ASP.Net as front-end and SQL Server as back-end
  • Developed for file sharing purpose using mobile ad hoc networks, enabling users to upload files in all formats up to 4 Gb size
  • Used interest extraction algorithm to derive a node’s interests from its files for content-based file searching, considering both node interest and contact frequency for efficient file sharing
  • In this application users are able to perform actions like upload, download files from the server, to allow or deny access to download requests received from other users, and to request other users to download files uploaded by other users

Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.)
Computer Science & Engineering

Aug 2008 - May 2012

P.R.Patil College of Engineering and Technology, Amravati, Maharashtra, India


GRE-EXCEL (2012)

Technologies used: C#, ASP.Net, CSS, HTML, SQL Server 2008R2, Visual Studio 2010

  • Web application developed in C# & ASP.Net using SQL Server 2008R2
  • Primarily developed to help students preparing for GRE, focused on the verbal section to improve vocabulary
  • Offered three main sections as Words, Flashcards and Test. Words contained detailed description about word as meaning, pronunciation, synonyms and antonyms. Flashcards to check meaning of word. Test contained three test sets, each of 20 multiple choice questions with time limit of 30 min

Seminars Delivered:

  • Technology that predicts your next security fail
  • AI: Real & Artificial Intelligence
  • Mind controlled car using AI
  • Artificial Neural Networks
  • The Future of VR, AR and Self-Driving Car
  • Face Detection Using Neural Network
  • Big Data
  • 5G Technology
  • Cloud Storage
  • Data Center

Professional Experience:

CEO | Founder

SK AI Technologies& Solutions (Mar 2021 - Present)


Visiting Lecturer

MIT World Peace University (Jul 2018 - Present)

Pune, India

Subject’s taught:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • C++
  • Prolog
  • Data Science
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Software Standards
  • Information Security
  • Software Architecture
  • Algorithmic Designing
  • Business Intelligence
  • Data structure using C++
  • Web Development Technology
  • Database Management System
  • Object Oriented Programing
  • Object Oriented Modeling using UML
  • Software Testing and Quality Assurance
  • Data Interpretation and Data Manipulation

Lead Project Manager/Talent Acquisition Specialist

SIAJ Digital Marketing (Apr 2017 - Jan 2021)

Maharashtra, India

Technologies Used: HTML5, CSS3, ASP.Net, C#, PHP, SQL Server, WordPress

  • Managed recruiting function for organization, including sourcing, interviewing, and hiring of candidates
  • Developed and managed internship program, including budget determination, hiring, training and performance evaluations
  • Responsible for budgeting and forecasting, expense reporting, risk management, status reporting, and execution
  • Collaborated with participants to determine product timeline and end-to-end project delivery
  • Provided guidance to team and other program managers

ETL Developer/SSIS Developer

Denken Solutions Inc. (Jul 2016 - Feb 2017)

Irvine, California, USA

Technologies Used: HTML5, CSS3, ASP.Net, C#, SQL Server 2008R2/2012

  • Involved in the Migration of Databases from SQL Server 2005 and 2008 to SQL Server 2012
  • Worked on SSIS Package, DTS Import/Export for transferring data from Database (Oracle and Text format data) to SQL Server
  • Developed SSIS packages for initial data loads and incremental loads using heterogeneous sources as Oracle, SQL and Excel
  • Scheduling SSIS packages as per requirements and checking the check for missing records & update manually if required
  • Experience in maintaining one to many and many to one relationships while moving data between two databases

Web developer (Intern)

Orange Consulting LLC (Jun 2015 - Aug 2015)

Fullerton, California, USA

Technologies Used: HTML5, CSS3, ASP.Net, C#, SQL Server 2012

  • Created web application for client using C# and ASP.Net as front end and SQL server 2012 as Back-end
  • Performed checks for coding standards and code reviews for the application development
  • Created and developed database objects such as tables and stored procedures as per requirements
  • Created test cases and tested application manually as well as with automation tools


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Artificial Intelligence- Based System for Automated Interviews of Candidates and Method Thereof


Application number: 202121048612

Publication date: 25 Feb 2022

Published on: https://ipindia.gov.in/

Virtual Reality Based Educational System for Students and Method Thereof


Application number: 202121048614

Publication date: 4 Mar 2022

Published on: https://ipindia.gov.in/

Artificial Intelligence Based Online Teaching System for Disabled Students


Application number: 202121048613

Publication date: 14 Jan 2022

Published on: https://ipindia.gov.in/

Incentivised Educational System and Method Thereof


Application number: 202221005592

Publication date: 25 Feb 2022

Published on: https://ipindia.gov.in/

Research Papers:

AI based Driving Licence Holder Recognition

8 Nov 2021

SKAITAS International Journal of Applications & Technologies (SIJOAT)

Auto Pilot System with Crosswind Landing

19 Nov 2021

SKAITAS International Journal of Applications & Technologies (SIJOAT)


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